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Send in your Kane Lake hunting pictures (and official score) to kanelakekamp@sasktel.net

Bear Hunting Pictures

Bob Hooper with a
20"+ color phase bear.

Brian Dwyer with another
20"+ color phase bear.

This huge color phase bear was
taken by Mike Lobus.
It scored 20 & 15/16ths.

Steve Clauson with his 21" black bear.

Keefer family with Chris' black bear.

Casey and Chris Keefer with Casey's
19 and 5/8ths" monster.

Ed Dennis beside his
Kane Lake black bear.
It scored 18".

Matt Hooper and his dad with Matt's beautiful chocolate bear.

Steve Franklin with a
beautiful color phase bear.

Scott Knowlton with his
first Saskatchewan
300+ lb black bear.

Doug Kaltenberger's
300+ lb black bear.

Kevin Phillips with his
first black bear.
Look at the amazing coat on
this monster.

Adam Ruiz Sr. and Jr.
with Ruiz Sr's black bear.

Nick Nicolay with his
200+ lb black bear.

Victor Bretting and his
first black bear.

View from a tree stand.

Charlie Carlo with his 19" chocolate
phase black bear.

Don Carlson is pictured with his first
bear. It scored a very respectable 20.5".

Another beautiful colored black bear
harvested by Pat Cutrone.
This is his third
colored bear taken at Kane Lake.

Look at the paws on this teddy! Dale Tingley is pictured above with his monstrous brown color phase black bear.

Jack Parascondola with his massive 20" Black Bear.

Andrew Donovan from Saskatoon with his first monster black bear (20'). Taken at approx. 30 yards.

Charlie Algier pictured with a 20 inch
Pope and Young brown color phase black bear taken with a single arrow at 12 yards.

Randy Musicks poses with his 21" spring black bear shot at Bear Creek.

Pastor Doug White with his trophy.

Bill Stagner with his black bear.

This brown bruiser taken by Peeler
Lacey measured 21 3/16".

Fishing, scenery and other pictures

A nice day for fishing on Ghana Lake.

Matt Hooper and his 41 inch northern pike.

A reason in itself to come to Kane Lake.

Looking for northern pike
along the shore.
Photo by Mike Kellar

Larry Forster with a
nice northern pike.

Jean Luc with a
Kane Lake monster.
Photo by Mike Kellar

Kane Lake Sunset.
Photo by Mike Kellar

Mike Kellar with a
nice northern pike.

.. it just doesn't get
much better than this.
Photo by Mike Kellar

Jim Yates and Craig Stickfort
with a stringer of lunch-sized walleye.

Supper at Kane Lake.

Ruiz family relaxing after
a shore lunch.

"Survivor 2000's" Susan Hawk
and camp manager, Pat Donovan.

Tim Hawk shown with one of his
many 40"+ northern pikes.

Susan and Tim Hawk in our
main lodge, the Bear Paw Lounge, wrapped
up in a Hudson's Bay blanket.

Happy family proudly displaying their
evening catch.

Susan Hawk having a great time at
Kane Lake

Susan and Tim Hawk, enjoying a
shore lunch along with Jeff and
Lori Matity.

Guide and Hungry Fisherman!

Ken Wilson pictured with a
massive 26lb Lake Trout.

Orosz family 2000 with 33lb Northern.

Fishing at the mouth of Cameron Falls on Pritchard Lake


Jeff and Lori Matity with their 41" Northern.

Lori Matity with 24lb Northern.

Jeff Matity with 20lb+ Lake Trout.

Don Roberts captured this balancing act
from his tree stand.

Kurt Hauser and guide with one of the many Northern Pikes caught after he got his bear

Jim Linn was determined to hit the big-time with his fly rod and hit it he did with the cavernous jaws of this 18-pound pike.

Taken during a guided moose hunt, this massive moose measured 54" across.

Typical bait site.

Practicing catch and release at Kane Lake

Bill Thomfohrda proudly displays his 22lb
trophy pike taken from Oliver Lake.
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