Enjoy fly-in quality fishing at bargain prices since expensive float planes are not required to ferry you in and out of camp!

Lake trout, northern pike, and walleye are the species that await your arrival. The northern pike is Canada's greatest attraction to American anglers looking for a great Canadian fishing experience. Just think of it: here's a fish that will eat just about anything that hits the water! And where fishing pressure is limited, these critters grow as long as a man's leg... sometimes longer! (and we're not pulling yours!)

Most of our customers are from the U.S. and enjoy an outdoor adventure - it's a fishing trip they talk about for years to come.

Fishing is in varied habitat that includes protected waters, deep dropoffs and river mouths. Conserving our excellent fishing is an on-going priority, and Kane Lake Outfitters has a policy of catch and release of prime breeding fish as well as the use of barbless hooks.

The best types of lures for pike and lake trout are five of diamonds, silver canoe spoons and deep-diving rapalas. Walleye are best caught with spinners, diving crank baits and rubber-tailed jigs. The brighter the color, the better.

Fishing is best from mid-June until the end of September. That means all summer long. There is no time throughout the summer that you cannot catch your limit because of the coldness of the water.

Although trophy pike ranging from 15 to 30 pounds are caught by most of our anglers, our camp record was caught in 2005 by Pat McCann of Marshall, Michigan. Measuring in at a whopping 50" from end to end, this pike was a monster!


To make the most of your fishing adventure, guides can be provided. Guides, if required, must be reserved at time of booking.

Light Housekeeping Plan
The most economical way to reach fabulous fishing. Includes accommodation at one of our six cabins at the base camp, boat and motor, fuel and freezing of fish. You are responsible for your own food and bedding. First time guests are required to hire a guide for the first day.

American Plan
Adventure in the wild with comfort and convenience. Includes accommodation, boat and motor, fuel, freezing of fish, prepared meals, shore lunches and guiding services.

Wilderness Plan
Alone in the wild. If you enjoy the total solitude of your own private log cabin in the woods, with terrific fishing literally off your doorstep, our Pritchard Lake outpost cabin is for you. Our outpost cabin can accommodate up to 6 people. You are responsible for your own food and bedding. One boat/3 people (maximum 2 boats), fuel and transportation from the main camp/return provided. First time guests are required to hire a guide for the first day.

Contact us for fishing prices.

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